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Released on November 26th 2017

This conversation was had over Instagram DM:

TKR: What would you say has been the most important moment for you as an artist in your journey so far, and why?

@afro_minimalist: Well at the moment I can't really pin point on one moment.. So much has happened in such a long time.. I've met so many amazing people who have helped me grow. That's actually what has built me. Being around people who understand or at least try to understand me. And consistently creating

TKR: True, most creatives have a similar struggle when it comes to having that consistency when creating. Is it a struggle for you and how do you deal with it?

@afro_minimalist: Well, creating is something that exists constantly, you just need to be around a scene that pushes you to this. As an artist you find yourself over thinking ideas or just not thinking. I believe that creation always comes at the right time, hence patience needs to be put to play.

TKR: Wow that's profound. Which is your favourite project that you've done so far and why? 
@afro_minimalist: My favorite project or projects are the Afiru shoots.. Working with @theanecdoteofkiru and @emsquaredphotography that is. The vibe is always so authentic and unique.

TKR: Finally, what's your favourite Kenyan song at the moment?

@afro_minimalist: Pretty much All of Steph Kapela's music

Cc: @iamkapela

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