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Released on 28th October 2017

This conversation was had over Instagram DM:

TKR: How has living abroad influenced your perspective of art, compared to life in Nairobi?

@cosmichuru: Having been born in London and returning for my studies in music. I've been exposed to such an eclectic mix of art forms having met such a diverse range of people here. There's a complete sense of liberation and limitlessness that I've found in London specifically. The need to create has grown stronger having been immersed in the open mindedness of my environment.
The early years I spent in Nairobi certainly nurtured my passion for music and the arts having had the chance to grow up around some of Kenya's greatest creatives. I've always been a firm believer of self expression and believe that we should be as bold and fearless as we can. And that's a message I try to convey daily in my appearance and in my music.

TKR: You've talked about fearlessness, the theme of your song; "Flowers" What events led to you wanting to express this, and what would you want your listener to take home when listening to it?

@cosmichuru: Flowers was a manifestation of affirmations, transformations and an understanding that we have the infinite power and potential to plant seeds and watch them grow. I'm a Nichiren Buddhist and have been practicing this philosophy for the past year. I went through a real hard time leading up to the writing of this song. I was battling a deep fundamental darkness. I'd read a piece of guidance that resonated deeply.It spoke about how life's winters are times for strengthening ourselves in preparation for the arrival of a wonderful spring. I learnt that suffering creates depth to ones life and the firewood for absolute happiness. Flowers was initially a poem written in a time where I needed to know that things were gonna change. And this guidance really brought the message of the song together and helped me truly believe that I have the potential to watch flowers grow within my own life. 🌻 
TKR: What's your favourite Kenyan song currently?

@cosmichuru: I have so much love for Kenyan artists doing their own wicked thing! The Kenyan song that I vibes to all the time lately is "Earned It by @m2thepower3 ft. @ciano_maimba It's so soulful and warm

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