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Released on 5th October 2017

This conversation was had over Instagram DM:

@TKR: What are you struggling with, in this moment, as an artist in your current environment?

@vivi.karia : I think what I'm struggling with is designing. Like just finding my aesthetic, and also telling a story through that. I think that's my struggle right now

TKR: What would you want people to see in your art that may reflect on you?

@vivi.karia : Freedom. I think that's what I'd want people to see. Also fearlessness because that's what I've always been about

TKR: Is there a Kenyan artist who you feel their art speaks to you? And why?

@vivi.karia : @theurbantailor_ & @bongosawa ,for sure. They inspire me everyday. I would say their way of thinking is what speaks to me the most. They are 2 gods

TKR: That's amazing. What's your favourite Kenyan song in this moment?

@vivi.karia : It's a lil bit old but I would say @tunji254 - Mat Za Rongai

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